Our Story

Since 1885, Signs Publishing has been printing and publishing books, magazines and a range of printed materials. Beginning with a single hand-operated press in North Fitzroy, a legacy of quality and dedication to personal service has been crafted for more than a century.

While technology always changes, our values don’t. We have a commitment to the health and wellbeing of those in our community. As a result, we only work with leading Australian experts such as doctors and nutritionists to create books that help you and your family make better food and lifestyle choices. Our products include resources on healthy and happy living, Christian ethics, family medical advice and children’s books.

We do not print for organisations involved in activities that are socially harmful. Our commitment is to produce quality print using the latest technology in a responsible manner. We use a range of inks in our printing, including soy and vegetable-based inks. We recycle our paper waste and aluminum plates and offer environmentally friendly options to our customers. View our printing page.

We also publish a range of books in the following categories: health and wellbeing, lifestyle, nutrition, mental health, inspiring stories, relationships and parenting, spirituality, children and teens and biographies. We offer editing, designing, printing, distributing and marketing services and pay royalties to the author when people purchase the book. View our publishing page for more information!

It’s an enduring difference that’s made us what we are today.