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The Cross and the Millennium

Peter Colquhoun

There are many theories about the millennium within the Christian community. Some believe it takes place before Jesus’ return and some after. Some believe there is a connection between the millennium and the Old Testament prophecies about Israel. And some believe the millennium will allow people a second chance of salvation. Despite these different ideas, one thing is certain—Jesus has only one resolution to earth’s history in mind.

In this fresh look at the millennium, Peter Colquhoun examines Revelation through the lens of Calvary. Take a look and see how the millennial events complete the work Jesus began on the cross—guaranteeing both the end of evil and the thrill of eternity in the earth made new, face to face with our Redeemer and King.

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"In his typical style, Peter lifts up Christ and Him crucified from start to finish. The Cross and the Millennium draws you nearer to Jesus and brings relevance to the millennium in the context of the cross and the great cosmic conflict. It is Christological prophecy, inspiring theology and devotional reading all rolled into one. A must-read for all those sharing Christ and His end-time teachings and prophecies."
- Gary Webster, Director of the Institute of Public Evangelism, South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists
"The Cross and the Millennium presents a clear and systematic interpretation of the millennium and the premillennial view of the Second Coming. It invites the reader on a fascinating journey to consider the climactic end-time events through the lens of the cross. By applying the Christocentric principles of biblical interpretation, Peter Colquhoun immerses the complex images in the book of Revelation—so often exposed to a variety of theological interpretations—in the truth of the Man of Calvary. He provides a theologically sound and spiritually encouraging interpretation of the millennium theme, as seen from Christ’s accomplished and victorious work on the cross."
- Dr John Skrzypaszek, retired director of Ellen G White Research Centre, Avondale University
"This book will make the church rethink its approach to the millennium teaching and ask why it has taken so long to make the cross and Jesus central. This ground-breaking approach to the millennium teaching brings clarity and certainty by linking it to the cross event and allowing Jesus to speak on the topic. "
- Dr Bruce Manners, author, The Command