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The Significant Pastor

Kayle B. de Waal and Brendan Pratt
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Leading in a disrupted world

Pastoral work might not seem significant from a worldly perspective. It is countercultural. Yet a significant pastor can have a great influence and effect on individuals, families and communities.

So what makes a pastor significant?

Collecting chapters from active pastors and ministry leaders around the world, The Significant Pastor provides global perspectives on some of the building blocks of practical pastoral ministry. With reflections on hermeneutics, discernment, leadership, social media ministry, discipleship and spiritual resilience, young adult ministries and more, this book will serve as a useful resource for those involved in pastoral ministry—from the ministerial intern to the seasoned pastor—as well as those who lead in ministry roles in their local contexts.

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"I recommend this excellent book wholeheartedly because it offers challenges and viable answers for every pastor looking to fulfil the role of influencer for God’s kingdom."
- Ramon J Canals, Secretary, Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists