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When Your Church Goes Home

Peter Roennfeldt

As many of us have known it, church has been disrupted. This has been a challenging experience, but rather than returning to church-as-usual, what are the opportunities for re-imagining church in our homes and communities?

Many people are re-discovering the possibilities of church at home, worshipping and serving in households of faith. So how can we ensure faithfulness, sustainability and witness when church goes home?

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"“Peter Roennfeldt has provided us with a practical guide to being and doing church at home. If you are wondering how to get started and what obstacles may need to be overcome, read and discuss this book with your team! It will arm you with excellent tools giving expression to biblical patterns to be and do church wherever you are—and, partnering with the Holy Spirit in a growing network of disciples and churches.”"
- Dave Milne, Crosslink Australia