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A Plan Larger Than I Could Draw

Neville Clouten

Stories and perspectives from the mind and heart

The winner of the Sydney Opera House design competition was announced the week young Neville Clouten entered the architecture program at the University of Sydney in 1957. As his class studied the project and watched the foundations being laid, he little realised the influence this building—and the people surrounding it—would have on his life.

The eight essays in this book reflect on Dr Clouten’s fascinating life experiences as an architect, award-winning academic, administrator and artist. They trace his travels in Europe and North America, his work recording Aboriginal rock engravings in outback Australia, his role as the first Professor of Architecture at Andrews University, and his humanitarian and advisory work in Africa. In all of these experiences, it is inspiringly clear that there was a plan for Dr Clouten’s life.

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"From the Sydney Opera House, to work and study as an architect in Europe and the United States, to pioneering the architecture degree at Andrews University and acting as an advisor in Africa, you will see how God keeps turning up in Neville Clouten’s fascinating life in subtle but powerful ways."
- Bruce Manners, author, retired pastor and editor
"Neville Clouten takes us on seemingly effortless engagements around his world of architecture and culture. He has pursued a full life—a life manifesting intelligence and ambition with humility."
- Greg Constantine, artist and Emeritus Professor of Art, Andrews University