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As Bright as the Stars

Sukeshinie Goonatilleke

Stories of the Reformation tend to focus on individuals—rarely do we look at the connections between these individuals. But the ideas of the Reformation spread because people shared what they learned with others. It was that simple.

The four stories in this book trace such connections: follow Ursula von Münsterberg as she creates a movement of runaway nuns; flee pursuers with Pierre Durand, as he preaches in the hidden Huguenot churches of France; stand before the pope with Italian princess Lavinia della Rovere; and witness steadfast faith through the political machinations surrounding King Edward VI and Lady Jane Grey.

These dauntless disciples were taught by others—including characters from Sisters in Arms—and they in turn passed on the light they received. Their stories leave a legacy that can help us to live lives that shine as bright as the stars.

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"Our heroes from the past are all too often portrayed as giants who never had moments of doubt or who sprang fully formed into the life of faith. Suki Goonatilleke has crafted little glimpses into the lives of Reformers as they developed their commitment and wrestled with their choices. These are deeply human men and women with loyalties and loves and fears, and Goonatilleke’s work brings them to life."
- Dr Lisa Clark Diller, Professor of History, Southern Adventist University