Look Inside


Danijela Schubert and Shaylee Walsh

A premium gift book to inspire women in their work with God.

The Bible is filled with God’s calls to humanity. His unfailing love calls us to come to Him, then He calls us to go and show others what He is like. We are called to love, to show mercy, to share the gospel and to make disciples.

Called introduces 50 women who work with God for the people of the South Pacific. With stories of conversion, commitment and consecrated service, you are sure to be inspired to respond to God’s call in your own life.

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"There are stories of challenge and achievement, as well as those of sorrow and joy. Some stories dredge the depths of human loss and disappointment, while others cling to faith through hardship and struggle. In one way or another, they all confront, encourage and inspire. For this reason, the book is certainly worth the time it takes to read and I highly recommend it."
- Carole Ferch-Johnson, PhD