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The Table I Long For

Shawn Brace

Are you tired of simply going to church? Learn how to start being church in your community—a community where every person is welcome at the table.

Shawn Brace’s world began to shift one Friday night, after a close-knit gathering in a family home. “Why does church have to be more than this?” he asked himself. It was a question that led him into Scripture, paving the way for a fresh understanding of the mission and dynamics of God’s family—and eventually the re-launch of his church.

With stories from his experience, Brace paints an inspiring vision of what it looks like to participate in the mission and family of God in ways that are relevant and meaningful to a post-Christian society.

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"Shawn Brace offers a refreshingly candid reflection on his journey of discovering how Christian mission and discipleship are inextricably bound up with ordinary life, the joy of mutual relationships, the pursuit of justice, and learning—simply yet profoundly—to love one another well. One need not share all of Brace’s assumptions and convictions to benefit from the stories and insights he offers because the book itself reflects the open posture of missional church that he proposes."
- Nicholas Zork, PhD, Minister for Worship and the Arts, Church of the Advent Hope, New York City
"In a time where so many things seem to either be changing too fast or stuck in the past, Shawn Brace brings a biblical, fresh and intentional perspective to the ecclesiology conversation. I can’t wait to recommend this book to every pastor in our field. Adventist to the core and incredibly timely—pick this book up!"
- Roger Hernandez, Ministerial and Evangelism Director, Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
"Shawn Brace’s The Table I Long For is the ‘must read’ book of the year for anyone interested in the church and its mission—especially in our secular age. Shawn writes with clarity, conviction and a depth that keeps you engaged page by page. He challenges our assumptions about church and takes us back to the Bible over and over again with an invitation to settle no more for what is, but to pursue with holy abandon, what can be. I could not recommend this book enough. Two thumbs way up from me."
- Marcos Torres, Pastor, Perth, Australia