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Thinking Faith

Nathan Brown
Thinking Faith book cover image
Thinking Faith book cover image

Thinking is an important ingredient of our faith, while faith must also broaden and deepen our thinking and its possibilities—and both should change our lives and our world.

Thinking Faith collects some of Nathan Brown’s best thoughts—and questions—about the implications of our faith. Each short chapter responds to urgent issues of our time and in our church, examining these through the lens of what we know and believe about God, and calling for imagination, courage, creativity and empathy in response.

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" Thinking Faith offers a fresh look at our common Adventist faith in action."
- Rajmund Dabrowski, editor, Mountain Views, Rocky Mountain Conference
"Nathan Brown’s thoughtful and faithful persistence in nudging the church towards a more just expression and practice of the ways of Jesus is a gift. Thinking Faith will keep your mind churning, but most importantly encourage you to practise your faith more justly and faithfully, with love and mercy at its core!"
- Moe Stiles, Chaplain for Tertiary Institutions (Melbourne) and pastor, Crosswalk Melbourne