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Nathan Brown

Something happened that was so significant that every year we pause and sing songs about it, share gifts with each other and re-tell the story.

Something happened that changed everything.
Something Good.

When a child is born, it's natural for parents to be in awe-wondering who their precious baby will grow up to be. But the birth of Jesus also created a transcendent wonder that has echoed down to us through the years-wonder because of who He already was.

Discover the true meaning of Christmas through 31 reflections that explore why Jesus came. Learn why Jesus' birth was so significant and why we sing songs about it and share gifts with each other every year. Whether you choose to read them during the Christmas season or throughout the year, you will find hope that is practical, transformative and, ultimately, good news for all people. Something Happened.

Review Advent.

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"It is not easy to bring freshness to the story of Jesus’ birth. But Nathan Brown is a storyteller and, in his hands, this magnificent story comes to life. We enter the places, notice the presence of all the characters and feel the impact of the words as the gospels record it, as if for the fi rst time. This is a beautiful collection. You will be drawn into the heart of incarnation—with all its earthiness, danger, inclusivity and glory"
- Tim Costello, AO, Director of Ethical Voice, Executive Director of Micah Australia, Senior Fellow of Centre for Public Christianity