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Far Away From Home

Josip Kavur

As World War I raged across Europe, an 18-year-old machine gunner waited for a Russian attack.

He promised God that he would follow Him if he didn’t have to kill anyone. His gun jammed! Later captured and taken to a prisoner-of-war camp, Mirko met his first Seventh-day Adventist—a fellow prisoner—and challenged him about the Bible Sabbath.

“My father marched to the Russian front with a gun, but returned home with a Bible.”

He lost the debate but what he won changed everything. Far Away from Home tells the remarkable true story of the Kavur family from the perspective of Mirko’s youngest son, Josip.

It traces their missionary work in Macedonia, the military service of Mirko’s sons in World War II, and the risky escape of three sons—one with a new bride—from post-war Communist Yugoslavia to religious freedom in Australia. Filled with stories of danger, determination and faithfulness, this book will strengthen your resolve to stand for God until He comes to take us home.

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