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Living Kingdom

Jarrod Stackelroth

Jesus is the source of the Christian faith.

The stories He told-His parables-paint a picture of what living in His kingdom looks like.  And as His followers, we are invited to live in His kingdom.

Twenty-seven contemporary writers share fresh and relevant, thoughtful and faithful, inspiring and-at times-challenging perspectives on those parables, to call us into His kingdom and equip us to live in it.

Each chapter includes questions for group discussion or personal reflection.

Ideal for personal reading, youth and small groups, a Bible study or Sabbath school resource or even a baptismal gift.

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"Living Kingdom is a contemporary exploration of the parables of Jesus. The authors explore current insights and applications of these parables. As I have read their thoughts, I have sometimes been challenged to rethink the meaning of the message. However, most confronting has been the challenge to apply these values of the Kingdom in my life and to live like a true disciple of Jesus -giving Jesus and his Kingdom top priority in my life. I hope the same happens for you as you read."
- Glenn Townend, President, South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists