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Retirement’s Gift

Bruce Manners

Time to Grow Your Life and Faith

If you retire at the age of 60, you can, statistically, expect to live for another 20 years.
You can do a lot of living in 20 years—or not. That depends on you.
Retirement promotion tends to be self-focused and pleasure-centred, which might be fine for a holiday, but not for 20-or-so years of living. Retirement’s gift is time to take more control of your life than you ever have, to reaffirm and strengthen your faith, and to live it more fully.
Retirement’s Gift is a guide to living your best retirement.

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"Bruce Manners knows more than most Australians about living a fulfilling and purposeful retirement. His new book, Retirement’s Gift is full of wisdom and acumen about how to best live our ‘fourth quarter’ retirement years, which can be the most fraught period of our lives. His insights into living as a person of faith during these years are especially helpful."
- Paul Arnott, Executive Director, Q4: Rethinking Retirement
"Reading Bruce’s book is more like having a comforting yet challenging chat with a friend—you laugh a lot but there’s lots to think about afterwards. His stories are nicely balanced with research, interesting facts and interviews with experts. I was most intrigued about what my 18-year-old-self might say about where I’d ended up and finding purpose for the future."
- Professor Joanne Earl, Researcher in Retirement Planning and Adjustment, Macquarie University
"Retirement’s Gift provides thoughtful and wise advice on how to live your best life in retirement. It made me look forward to this period of my life with increased enthusiasm."
- Dr Darren Morton, author, Live More Happy, Director, Lifestyle Medicine & Health Research Centre, Avondale University